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Luke the legionary Prince book 1


Full of smarts and swag, yet hardened by life’s struggles, fourteen-year-old Luke Talmeed is sentenced to six years in a juvenile detention center in a small rural town on O‘ahu for attempting to shoot his estranged father. Angry and bitter, Luke blames his dad for every problem he has, until an inmate two doors down literally climbs like a spider onto the ceiling of his cell, and mysterious writings appear on his prison walls out of thin air. Luke begins to realize that blaming his dad will do him no good, and if he doesn’t take control of his own destiny, his destiny may take control of him.

When Luke is catapulted onto the pathway to an alternate reality, the last thing he realizes is that this divergent world may help him better appreciate the one he’s from.

Luke the legionary prince book 2


Luke finds himself stuck between his world and Mawaena—the new world to which he has been invited. Enticed by the promise of being granted everything he wants with no worries and no responsibilities, Luke is forced to make a choice that will affect his existence forever. One world promises every indulgence he can dream up. The other promises he’ll never be alone through the struggles and pain he is guaranteed to experience.

Will he fill as many treasure chests as he can with all his favorite foods, fun games, and the latest technologies and walk through the door to Mawaena, or will he choose to go home?  

Luke the legionary prince book 3

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Luke the legionary prince book 4

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luke the legionary prince book 5

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Luke the legionary prince book 6

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