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About Me


Momi Robins-Makaila, Author, Public Speaker, Educator


Whether you're reading my memoir; self-help books; Christian Romances; Middle School Novels; magazines; engaging me on Facebook or Twitter; watching my videos on Youtube; or at one of my speaking venues, the goal is to take you on an enjoyable journey of discovery, relationship and personal growth. 

In my memoir I hope that my willingness to be transparent and honest about real struggles empowers you, by the grace of God to embrace your own struggles with honesty and without fear. The desire to be in relationship with one another is imprinted on every human beings heart. Learning to be in relationship with God and yourself is the first step to becoming the greatest version of yourself--the version who knows that their contribution to the world: matters; is unique; and is made better for it.


In my sweet and provocative Christian romance novels the characters are relatable and interesting. You’ll love and hate them; cry and laugh with them. 

Woven throughout the fanciful, entertaining journeys in my "coming-of-age" novels for Middle Grade and Young Adult audiences are lessons to inspire the understanding of ones self, perseverance, trust, faith, and overcoming obstacles in the face of fierce adversity. 

In my youtube videos, blogs, and free magazine articles, I share messages of inspiration to help you with faith and spirituality, health and wellness, parenting, and women’s issues. 'Sheparding the lost'; 'How to not hate your spouse'; and 'How to send your child to college' are some of the articles. While the issues are expansive, the purpose of every article is the same—to help others live their best lives by sharing the experiences of our own.

I was born and raised in Wai’anae, Oahu in Hawaii. I have more than 17 years of experience teaching public school as a middle school special education, autism and middle school math teacher in Hawaii (15 years) and in Chandler, Arizona (2 years). I graduated from The Kamehameha Schools in 1991. Yes, that long ago. (Smile) I hold a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Hawaii at West O’ahu, a Master’s degree in teaching with a focus in Special Education, from Gonzaga University, and a second Master’s degree in Christian Leadership and Pastoral Care from Grand Canyon University.

I have a beautiful family and am thankful everyday for all of my blessings. You being here is one of them. Thank you for hanging out long enough to read this. I very much appreciate it. 

God is good, all the time.

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Momi In the Media

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